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Holistic Healing for Women with Bipolar Disorder

We understand that traditional modalities of healing may not suffice for those suffering from bipolar disorder. That's why we've crafted a lifestyle brand to support women suffering from bipolar, so that in addition to any prescribed treatments, women have the holistic support they need to maintain a healthy state that encompasses every aspect of life.

A Little About Liz

Liz Gabriel is a passionate storyteller who seamlessly infuses narratives into her Interior Design projects and songs as a Singer Songwriter.
She values the miracle of her 32 year marriage and views raising two incredible children as her highest achievement. Liz Gabriel is also a woman with decades of experience suffering from bipolar disorder. She shares her personal memoir of healing in the best selling compilation, “Embracing Wisdom on the Walk,” and intertwines her healing narrative into every facet of her work as an influencer.
Founded by Liz, this lifestyle brand serves to explore the sacrifices inherent in managing a life suffering from bipolar, while providing wisdom, insight, and experience so others may achieve productivity, joy, continuous healing and have healthy relationships.
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Our Offerings: The Liz Gabriel Lifestyle

Written Resources

When you continue to struggle with the perilous ups and downs of bipolar disorder or cyclothymia, there is not a one-size fits all approach to healing. That’s why we are building a library of resources, designed to perpetuate stability and healing in your life. This is not meant to be a replacement for medication or therapy. Flourish with us as we emerge with new resources monthly to aid you in your personal healing journey.

Design Services

How many times have you been suffering from some mental reverie of sadness, mundane living, or stress only to experience those negative emotions dissipate in the moment of beholding a gorgeous view? So why not experience that in daily doses in your home? Our burdens are much easier to bear when the home is aesthetically appealing, orderly, and has an abundance of story-telling elements. Beauty in the home is an elixir to the soul, and that’s what we bring you at Liz Gabriel Interiors LLC.

Self-Talk & Sacrifice

Equip yourself with the tools to fight back against negative thought patterns and low self-esteem. Liz uses personal experience to help you recognize and establish boundaries that enhance your life, addressing areas such as self-medicating, forgiveness, and relationships. Rediscover your sense of uniqueness, and embrace your identity in Christ.

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Scripture” – The Lord is the strength of my heart; and my portion forever.


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Alyssa’s coaching has been a game-changer for me. Their practical strategies and unwavering support helped me overcome anxiety and self-doubt. I now approach life with confidence and optimism.

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