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We Are Brilliant, But Often Lost

Liz Gabriel is a seasoned Interior Designer who approaches her craft with a unique perspective; using spaces as a canvas to narrate the stories of her clients, and aiming to instill a sense of healing and joy. With a passion for storytelling deeply ingrained in her creative endeavors, Liz’s evolution from Singer-Songwriter to memoirist in the best-seller, “Embracing Wisdom on the Walk,” illuminated her fundamental calling as a healer through narrative.

Her memoir chronicles her personal journey as a creative navigating bipolar disorder, shedding light on the rarity of finding balance and productivity amidst incredible challenges. Driven by a deep faith and inspired by her husband’s encouragement, Liz now shares her experiences and wisdom, becoming a beacon of hope for those struggling with bipolar disorder.

Through Liz Gabriel Lifestyle, she aspires to empower women with bipolar disorder to embrace healing and resilience, offering insights gleaned from her own trials and triumphs. With a focus on beauty, self-care, spirituality, and nurturing relationships, Liz aims to guide others towards a life of joy and fulfillment, transcending the limitations imposed by bipolar disorder.

It is very clear that those I am meant to influence are those I can most relate to. I want to embolden women who suffer from bipolar disorder with courage and provide a sense of security in their ability to heal as an ongoing reality rather than their illness being at center stage in their lives and their relationships.

Liz Gabriel

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